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JCB – Record Breakers

A ludicrously quick way to pass the salt
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World Cup Rugby team

Working with Clive 
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Yacht race

The toughtest yacht race in the World, lessons learned
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"A fascinating insight to basic principals of leadership. I had not considered the extent or depth of what can be applied to various scenarios. ”

"Humphrey was great, I loved listening. He made me feel valued and that things I do, do in fact help to motivate and inspire others. I want to explore ‘critical non-essential’ ideas with staff and work more on how to help them feel they belong (even more than they do already).”

"Humphrey Walters captured the spirit of what it means to be world class. He expressed his beliefs superbly. It filled me with such motivation and was an emotional experience. I felt renewed and energised about leadership.”


This April, Humphrey is running the London Marathon for the 28th time.

He has done over 45 marathons in total over the past 28 years.

He runs for two charities. Juvenile Diabetes research and Blood Cancer both of which are supporting to finding cures for Diabetes and Leukemia.

He is very reluctant to go to his friends to ask for money, so I have taken over the task to ask as many people if they would sponsor him.

He works so hard fitting in the training, pounding the streets week after week come rain, wind or shine.

I hope you will be able to help him to help support this important charity. No amount too small or too big.

Thank you