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After the game is over:

After the game is over. After the stadium is empty and the fans have gone. After the papers have written the headlines and television has awarded the accolades to the few who took part – often forgetting those who supported the winning performance. When all the fanfares are silent, and finally you are back in your room, the enduring thoughts you have are of all the people who have shown a dedication to excellence, to hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done. There are also thoughts of realising you have tried to make something special of your own life, and that you may well have contributed to making the world a better place by inspiring others. And above all, of learning that the unselfish effort of many is a precious gift – and for the courageous – dreams do come true.

Humphrey Walters

Tips for Winners

  • 1. Set clear aspirations – dream a lot
  • 2. Never leave the game early
  • 3. Be fastidiously punctual and disciplined
  • 4. Set high personal standards
  • 5. Think correctly under pressure (T-cup)
  • 6. Leave ‘blame on the wave’ behind
  • 7. Never whinge about others or the situation
  • 8. Cope with drudgery
  • 9. High self-respect – tell me once
  • 10. Combine job intensity with fun

Winning Check List

  • Championship organisations always look at the end results – plan backwards
  • Championship organisations always have aspirational dreams
  • Learn from failure – concentrate on success
  • Remind people how good they are
  • Understand the importance of Leadership, Followership and Partnership
  • Create Championship Environments
  • Set challenges for colleagues to aspire to

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Client Comments:

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for inspiring me to really take the next step in my career. I could have listened to you all day today at our Deputy Head Conference. I have passed my qualifications for Headship and recently been unsuccessful at interview for a Headship of a school.

Humphrey is a one off. His inspiring lecture combines his deep experience in setting the environment for some world class winning teams – while at the same time he delivers his talk with humility and good humour. He reemphasised the huge importance of getting the little things right. The result is both inspiring and highly actionable. For teams who want to move to the next level and are prepared to work as a group – not just individuals – then it is well worth hearing what Humphrey has to say.

A really enjoyable and thought provoking talk from Humphrey. He gave us some great ideas, which can be easily applied in everyday business

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