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Client Comments

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for inspiring me to really take the next step in my career. I could have listened to you all day today at our Deputy Head Conference. I have passed my qualifications for Headship and recently been unsuccessful at interview for a Headship of a school.

Humphrey is a one off. His inspiring lecture combines his deep experience in setting the environment for some world class winning teams – while at the same time he delivers his talk with humility and good humour. He reemphasised the huge importance of getting the little things right. The result is both inspiring and highly actionable. For teams who want to move to the next level and are prepared to work as a group – not just individuals – then it is well worth hearing what Humphrey has to say.

James Callander

A really enjoyable and thought provoking talk from Humphrey. He gave us some great ideas, which can be easily applied in everyday business

Humphrey was great, I loved listening. He made me feel valued and that things I do, do in fact help to motivate and inspire others. I want to explore ‘critical non-essential’ ideas with staff and work more on how to help them feel they belong (even more than they do already).

West Sussex Conference

A fascinating insight to basic principals of leadership. I had not considered the extent or depth of what can be applied to various scenarios.

West Sussex Conference

I felt tired and a bit overwhelmed with everything when I came today. I have left feeling energised, happy and optimistic with brilliant ‘nuggets’ to treasure and hopefully use. Thank you.  

West Sussex Conference

"Extremely inspiring – leaving me with much to reflect and possibly act upon. Many thanks."  

West Sussex Conference

How on earth can I show the huge appreciation we all feel for the fantastically inspiring session you delivered. The whole team have been completely captivated by your messaging and the vocabulary has changed over night. Your messages have struck a significant cord to me and the team. Thank you.

Managing Director, Roadside Services

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your speech you gave last night, I am sure that you receive many kinds words as such as this. I myself am a young manager with much to learn, and have attended a number of leadership/management events, but, have never been inspired in the way you have inspired me. You have an absolute gift and are a remarkable person. I still feel a little stunned and shell shocked which I think is from the fact that you gave me so much to think about, which I have been


You delivered the objective brilliantly. I’ve never been in a conference room where the emotional charge was so obvious. I saw tears, I saw smiles, I saw admiration and respect and I saw the rarest of conference features – the WOW factor.

Director of Marketing and Business Development

What an excellent day, this is the best piece of training/advice I have been given.

West Sussex Conference

Just thought I would take the time to drop you a quick one to let you know that I found your talk yesterday very motivating and interesting! As a people manager, your talk on leadership and teamwork was very apt and most inspirational to me, so hopefully I will be able to put a little of it to use in my team.

Software Support Manager

On behalf of the Executive Committee I would like to thank you for your superb contribution to our Annual Conference for Headteachers 2014. You delivered an extremely thought-provoking programme. The feedback at the conference was extremely positive, with members finding your input interesting and stimulating, useful and relevant and, all-importantly, enjoyable! You talked about the power of story-telling and you most definitley practised what you preached! Your remarkable life story, and the way in which you kindly shared it with us, was so engaging. It demonstrated so vividly, emotionally and in such real terms that life really is ‘a game

Annual Conference for Headteachers 2014

"A thoroughly enjoyable and motivating day. I feel revitalised and inspired. Humphrey Walters was brilliant."  

West Sussex Conference

Everyone was inspired by your talk and greatly appreciated your readiness to mingle and talk afterwards. All were made to feel special and involved in the evening – sentiments that lie at the core of our philosophies. Your visit remains a topic of conversation amongst pupils, parents and staff.


I would just like to take a few moments to say how interesting and inspiring I found your talk last night at the Nottingham Business Network Group meeting. It is the first time myself and a colleague had attended one of the events and what an introduction to the network it was. Thank you for lifting my levels of motivation which have been waning over the past few months!!

Learning & Development Director

I very much felt at a crossroads before today, but something you said really hit home. It was when you were talking about the Global Challenge and it landed at your feet. I know I am not going to walk into a job, but you have to strive to fight for position worth fighting for. You inspired me today and have left a lot of food for thought. A remarkable man you are Sir. Thank you for today.

The Man who grew more than an inch today!!

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