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D-Day Experience

The largest logistical operation in history

An exercise in understanding the logistics, team work, leadership and courage using the critical parts of the largest invasion in history

The D-Day experience creates thought provoking experience on the dilemmas faced by the leaders in such a critical and complex event. it will give the delegates an appreciation of real leadership and management and provoke conversations of how they can view there topics in their own work experiences.

D-Day Experience
Some of the topics covered:

  • The importance of planning
  • Handling anomalies
  • Decision making
  • Cooperation and sharing ideas
  • The importance of luck
  • Local leadership in tough situations
  • Attack and counterattack
  • welding different personalities and coping with differences
  • The importance of cause

The format makes sure that the lessons are related to their own business environment and lessons can be applied

It is an experience that is real and no on will ever forget.

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