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The Tree That Never Forgot

The Tree That Never Forgot - Book CoverAs a slight departure from his previous publications, Humphrey Walters has recently published a children’s book.

Centring around a young boy call Mark, who is the main protagonist, the book takes us on a journey through his life in London living with his parents, and visits to Hill Farm in Devon to stay with his uncle Sam during school holidays.

Having already befriended a little Robin at home in London who follows him every day on his journey to school, Mark quickly becomes engaged with the magic of nature in Devon. He finds and cares for a little puppy during his visits to the farm and the two become inseparable. After several visits exploring the woods near the farm, Mark comes across a great Oak tree which dominates the wood and starts to whisper to him.

In the years that follow, Mark returns to Hill Farm and as his relationship with the tree develops he learns how critical ecology is and the importance of preserving nature around us.

An enchanting tale, the books underlying message builds appreciation for the countryside around us and how each one of us is responsible for looking after it and caring for it.

To order your copy (£12 plus £1.50pp) of “The Tree That Never Forgot” please click here.

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