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What I Do

I find it difficult to write about myself and what I do so I have decided to ask people who have used my services to describe the features and benefits of the various programmes.


Personal Development

Presenting in an inspirational way

This is a 1 day programme where Humphrey shows the tools and techniques of presenting to audiences. Many senior people have to present at various meetings and often find it hard to be relaxed and polished. Humphrey uses CCTV and builds up a logical sequence, going from preparation, to structure, to delivery. I learnt more in this one day than I have over the last 20 years of presenting.

Leadership in a tough environment

We all face an increasing pressure to perform to world-class levels. This programme shows how to cope in a tough environment and the basic steps needed to lead people to cope with this pressure. Humphrey has operated at the leading edge of performance and uses environments such as the worlds toughest yacht race, the England rugby success in the 2003 World Cup as well as the Olympic Games and the illustrations from these environments and the techniques are real, very interesting and memorable. I learned so many little tips such as “look for the gap in the wave” an essential mindset when faced with a hurricane in the Southern Ocean with 80 ft. waves coming at you every 60 seconds.

Executive coaching

Executive dialogue. Some people call this coaching. Humphrey prefers this to be a series of 1:1 discussions with the view of senior people being able to share their issues with someone who is experienced in business and in the dilemmas of running teams. These are normally a 2-

Team Development

Building world-class teams to win. I had a team which was performing well but I wanted to go to the next level and be really world-class. Humphrey has spent many years studying and applying winning techniques in teams and has written about world-class performance. The outputs we gathered from this workshop were easily implemented and more important in a format that was easy to follow up and keep winning success going. The illustrations and techniques of world-class performance are taken from a variety of environments such as Formula One, Premier League football and the world land speed record programme. It’s hard not to be inspired on this programme as we were taken behind

Inspiring Organisational Events

Remembering D-Day

A 2 ½ day trip to Normandy to examine the history of the D-Day landings and the lessons from this enormous operation. An extremely moving experience examining the logistics, dilemmas, courage, leadership and team work examples shown during the D-Day landings – the largest military operation in history. This trip examines these factors on the very ground and sites of the invasion of Normandy.

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